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George Impacts 💧

Dear reader,

We are delighted to present to you the latest edition of the YFP who Impact Blog.

Join the conversation below.

George, could you introduce your self to the world?

What's up guys? My name is George Junior Osei, an alumni of the Youth in Food program.

In less 3 or less sentences, what does the YFP program means to you?

I see YFP to be an innovative program that connects youth to the food and agribusiness space.

Great! Can you share with us ways your life was impacted by through the program?

The program has broadened my scope of thinking and introduced me to the innovative ways of building a career within the agricultural field.

Very dope! What has been your favorite part of the program?

The question and answer session was my favorite part of the program.

So now that you have been empowered and equipped with so many skills, potentials and connections, how are you giving back to society?

My internship with Agrokings after the program provided me with real exposure to the job world and through that, i'm able to now contribute to sustainable farming practices via my new role as a field operations and warehouse assistant manager with Kwanim Agriculture Ltd.

That is super cool! And we are amazed by your journey and how through the YFP program, you have been able to accomplish a lot of great milestones.

Thank you Hajaratu for having me here!

This brings us to the end of our fourth amazing feature of the Youth in Food Who Impact, where we engaged George, an agricultural enthusiast who shared with us his journey through out the YFP program and after.

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