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Daniel Impacts 💧

Dear reader,

welcome to the YFP who Impact Blog.

We are excited to introduce to you our fifth power feature, Daniel who is an alumni of the Youth in Food Program (YFP).

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Daniel, could you introduce your self to the world?

Hi, my name is Daniel Morrison, an alumni of the Youth in Food program.

In less 3 or less sentences, what does the YFP means to you?

To me, YFP is a creative avenue that bridges the gap between the classroom setting of education and real life education.

Can you share with us how the program has impacted your life since you joined?

Before joining the program, I was very uncomfortable when working with others, and I didn't have confidence in myself but through the program, I have developed self confidence and teamwork skills.

Very interesting to know. What has been your favorite part of the program?

My favorite part of the program by far has been the various skills sessions because they were super hands on.

So now that you have been empowered and equipped with so many skills, potentials and connections, how are you giving back to the society?

Through the program, i'm able to better work with youth of my age and i'm working to start my own farm.

As a food lover, has the program in any way enhanced your relationship with food?

My relationship with food has changed for the better as I am more careful about what to eat and how well to balance my diet.

Before we go, could you share a tip for the incoming YFP beneficiaries?

To the future YFP students, you should be open minded and ready to receive all the knowledge you will be exposed to.

What a power piece it has been with you Daniel Morrison!
Thank you for the inspiration.

Hajaratu, thank you too for having me here!

We have soon come to the end of the Youth in Food who Impact blog edition 5.
We had Daniel on the seat today!

What is your take on today's impact story? Share your thoughts with us via our socials ; )

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