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Akua Impacts 💧

Updated: Aug 1

Dear reader,

welcome to our second YFP who Impact Blog.

We are excited to introduce to you our second power feature, Akua, an alumni of the Youth in Food Program (YFP) who is contributing to sustainable agri-tech in Ghana!

Don't miss the the conversation, read below!

Akua, could you introduce your self to the world?

What's up everyone? My name is Akua Argo Sefah, I am 27 years of age and an alumni of the Youth in Food program.

In less 3 or less sentences, what does the YFP means to you?

To me, YFP is an all inclusive program that gives youth the opportunity to gain quality experience in the food and agriculture business sector whiles contributing their skills and knowledge as well.

The structure of the program is to prepare you for the job market.

You seem to have an in-depth understanding of the program which is great! Can you share with us how the program has impacted your life since you joined?

Yes, the program has impacted my life in so many ways. Through the program, I gained a lot of soft skills such as communications and presentation skills, self confidence, assertiveness and problem solving skills especially from the sessions with Dr. Pascal.

I got the opportunity to network with people who are equally passionate about the agriculture sector.

I also learned so much from my colleagues who joined the program from all over Ghana during our group work and presentations which was educative and fun.

Very interesting to know. What has been your favorite part of the program?

My favorite part of the program was the trips to Blue Skies company and Yvaya farms and the amazing foods that were served.

So now that you have been empowered and equipped with so many skills, potentials and connections, how are you giving back to the society?

Through the program, I have had the opportunity to support with resource optimization and management as a supply chain and procurement intern with CowTribe - an impact driven agri-tech startup in Ghana that leverages the power of technology to support farmers.

Now, i'm able to play an instrumental supporting role of contributing to an accessible,affordable and a more efficient farming practice in Ghana.

As a food lover, has the program in any way enhanced your relationship with food?

Well I have always loved food, and joining the program only increased the affinity more.

I also came across a lot of healthy local foods via the program which i'm hoping to try my hands on at home.

Before we go, could you share a tip for the incoming YFP beneficiaries?

To every qualified individual out there who has applied or is yet to apply to join the edition 3 of the Youth in Food Program, I encourage that you give your best in the program.

Be ready to learn, ask questions for clarity and have fun!

What a power piece it has been with you Akua Argo Sefah!
Thank you for the inspiration and your immense contribution to the food and agri-sector in Ghana.

I'm proud as well Hajaratu and thank you for having me here!

Yet another exciting feature of the Youth in Food Program who impact has ended.
We shared with you inspiring journey and contributions of Akua within the food and agri sector.

What is your take home from this interview? Share your thoughts with us via our socials ; )

Do you wish to create an impact just like Akua is doing?

The Youth in Food Program edition 3 application is 3 days away from closing!


Are you a company who also wish to join Youth in Food Program in impacting and equipping youth in Ghana?


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