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Food Career Fair

Together we build the future of food.
For a limited time get 50% off the original price.

 16 Sep `23 

Meet face-to-face with qualified candidates to directly identify and attract for your

vacancies or your own pool of talent.


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All you need in one place

Download all important documents such as timetable and program for your visit at the Food Career Fair here.

About the Career Fair

Get to know us

The Food Career Fair is a one day interactive fair that connects innovative food and agriculture businesses with pre-selected job seekers. We admit businesses that are hiring youth, covering the entire value chain: from agronomists, to engineers, to scientists, communications managers and more.


Your participation gets you

Booth Space

You will be assigned a designated booth space at the fair venue. The booth will be equipped with basic furniture to display products, services, and employment opportunities.

Access to talent

Participating companies will gain direct access to a diverse pool of young talent, including recent graduates, skilled professionals (1 to 3 years) actively seeking employment opportunities in the food and agricultural sector.

Promotion and Marketing

The fair will attract heavy marketing and promotional activities from our media partner (YFM) and other  supporting media houses like Citi Fm and radio and on social media.

Brand Exposure

You will have the opportunity to showcase your brand prominently through banners, signage, and marketing materials at the booth. Also, with posting about participation companies online.

Networking Opportunities

The Food Career Fair allows companies to interact with other industry leaders, potential partners, and stakeholders. in the food and agric space.

Inclusion in the After-Event Video

Participating companies will be featured in the Food Career Fair's after-event video, which will be shared with all stakeholders and partners through online channels.



Joining the Food Career Fair costs GHc 1,500.*

If you hire a candidate at or after the career fair, we will take an extra fee of GHc 1,500 per person.


Our program is partly funded through the Private Sector Development Programme of the Ghana Netherlands Business and Culture Council (GNBCC) sponsored by the Royal Netherlands Embassy. To cover the costs we charge a fee for our services; the pre-selection of youth, the skills trainings we provide and the Food Career Fair.

*For a limited time get 50% off the original price.

Recruitment Process

We want your company to have flexibility and control over your own recruitment and onboarding processes. The Youth In Food program is there to provide the platform of qualified candidates with access to skills training. The rest is up to you.

If your business joins the event, we will make sure you attract candidates to your booth. You may have on the spot interviews at the event or plan an interview with this candidate for after the fair.

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Interviews with career centre representatives. With YEA & Ashesi.

Moderated by Aimee Wallin.

Planned Program


Panel discussion with keyplayers in the industry.

Moderated by Abdallah Smith.


On the spot interviews at the fair (or add them to your pool of talents).

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Make yourself known

Company Promotion

To attract the right pool of talent, it is important to create a positive impression of your business and its culture. During and after this day, we support promoting your business among job seekers, both on- and offline.

There will be media coverage from several outlets such as Citi Fm and YFM.

Take the next step

Book your booth at the Food Career Fair now. *

For a limited time get 50% off the original price.

Beneficial for everyone

Why invest in youth?

Young talents bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and a strong drive to learn and excel. By nurturing and mentoring young professionals, your company can cultivate a dynamic and diverse workforce that is better equipped to adapt to changing markets and technologies. Investing in young talent also fosters a culture of growth and development, attracting ambitious individuals who can contribute to the company's long-term success while infusing it with energy and creativity.


Get in touch with us

Maame Adwoa Arthur
Company Onboarding & Event Manager

+233 (0)24 28 36 043

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